Marina Maintenance


The priority for this contract was for this busy and popular marina to be maintained, accessible and in mint condition for its users with no expense spared to achieve that. Our client had instructed us to totally rebuild and renew the already existing 800m pontoon.

It is vital to mention here that the main aim of this project was to create a better, safer and more user friendly walk way for users of the marina.


The relationship between RS and the client had been established since 2001 and believing in strong, working, local relationships it was a total pleasure to assit.

We won the contract to undertake this job and half way through were commissioned to do an additional 3 months work. The job spec was challenging and required the whole dive team to work together to achieve very specific goals with a high quality approach.


This project is on going and we at RS Divers are delighted to continue to work with the Marina and to maintain it.

We have and will always work with RS Divers because we trust them and approve the work they have done for us in the past. We would strongly recommend them to any other prospective clients.


Whale Island Boat Salvage

RS Divers Ltd. were contracted to salvage two boats and a pontoon that sunk during a ferry’s evasive manoeuvre causing the floats to rip during a heavy storm.

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