How do I fix a fouled prop?

how to fix a fouled propeller
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    Rope around your propeller?

    A fouled prop is a major inconvenience to boat owners. Often caused by lines, fishing nets or bags, a fouled propeller needs to be cleared as it will affect the propulsion of the boat. Once you discover you have a fouled prop stop the engine immediately, continuing to use it can cause more damage.

    If you do not have a line cutter installed, you may be required to clear the fouled prop manually yourself. If it is safe to do so you may need to enter the water and gently pull or cut any entangled items away from the propellor using a sharp knife.

    If the propellor or bow thruster is too deep or inaccessible you may need to make an emergency call to a commercial diving company. They will be able to provide a dive team, who are highly experienced in inspecting and assessing any damage caused by a fouled prop and are able to remove any entangled line.

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