My boat is sinking what should I do?

what to do when your boat is sinking
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    What to do when your boat is sinking

    If you are on the boat, safety is your number one priority – ensure you and anyone else on board is wearing a life jacket. If your life is at immediate risk, call 999 and ask for the coastguard. Do not abandon your vessel unless you are advised to by the coastguard.

    If your life is not in immediate danger, assess the damage and try and locate what is causing the leak. If you are able to slow the leak by filling the hole with items such as a sail or clothing.

    If you are able to return to land, head to the nearest shore.

    If it is possible to salvage your sunken boat, contact a commercial diving company. Marine salvage can involve refloating a sunken boat, which a commercial dive company can undertake on your behalf.

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