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Sectors We Serve

RS Divers provides industry-leading commercial diving services to a broad spectrum of commercial organisations, national and local authorities, private companies and individuals.

Commercial Diving Services for Utility Companies

Utility Companies

RS Divers supports the environmental well-being of the communities served by utility companies.

Our expertise in preserving and maintaining underwater assets in wastewater and sewage treatment plants contributes to maintaining and improving the efficiency and environmental responsibility of these critical facilities, ensuring that they continue to provide clean and safe water services to the public.

Our skilled and certified commercial divers are trained to conduct inspections, maintenance, cleaning and repair of underwater infrastructure, including sewage treatment plants, wastewater outfall systems, and related components. We also offer a rapid emergency response service to tackle any urgent repairs, leaks, or blockages, preventing further damage and environmental contamination.

National Infrastructure

RS Divers is your trusted partner for maintaining and safeguarding national infrastructure.

Our skilled divers specialise in inspecting and maintaining vital infrastructure such as road and railway bridges, jetties, pontoons, and underwater tunnels.

We excel in evaluating structural integrity, conducting essential repairs, and assessing underwater components of large-scale projects, contributing to the resilience and longevity of national infrastructure.

Commercial Diving Services for National Infrastructure
Commercial Diving Services for Shipping Companies


Our clients in the shipping industry rely on us to keep their vessels and operations on track.

Using the latest technology and drawing on our experience, we carry out services including inspections, surveys, repairs, maintenance, anode replacement and various defect corrections without requiring dry-docking.

We are also experts in salvage operations, search and recovery missions, and underwater welding and cutting techniques, the latter ensuring that ships are kept in prime condition for safe and efficient maritime operations.

Port Authorities

RS Divers is the go-to partner for several port authorities when it comes to maintaining and repairing port infrastructure.

Our commercial diving services extend to inspecting and maintaining underwater components of docks, piers, and harbour structures. We also assist in keeping navigation channels clear of debris and obstructions, replacing and maintaining navigational hardware, and ensuring safe and efficient use of coastal waters and ports.

Commercial Diving Services for Port Authorities
Commercial Diving Services for Local and National Waterways

Local and National Waterways

RS Divers is dedicated to maintaining the health and functionality of our national waterways to keep them safe, efficient, and sustainable.

We carry out works on a variety of structures, including bridges, tunnels, locks, docks, weirs and flood defences, making them more resilient against natural elements.
Our services include lock maintenance, underwater welding, dredging support, scour protection, underwater demolition, buoy and mooring maintenance. We are also qualified to carry out non-destructive Testing (NDT) in difficult environments.

Local Government

RS Divers provides many services to local government, contributing to the safety and environmental health of local communities.

We offer a wide array of services, including inspecting and repairing water supply systems, sewage systems, swimming pools and stormwater management facilities. We also offer a rapid response service in the event of water-related emergencies, such as flooding, blockages, or equipment failures, to protect public safety and property.

Commercial Diving Services for Local Government
Professional Commercial Diving Team at RS Divers

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RS Divers is proud to serve many well-respected organisations and authorities who trust us for our unwavering professionalism, extensive experience, and commitment to excellence in underwater services.
With a proven track record of reliability and expertise, we are your trusted partner for a wide range of waterway and maritime solutions. We would welcome the opportunity to work together to ensure the integrity, safety, and efficiency of your next project.

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