Confined Spaces

Our experienced team of divers and marine civil engineers are qualified to perform services in a wide range of confined spaces, both at sea and on land.

Our Services

RS Divers has fully trained confined space teams able to mobilise at short notice to undertake inspection and remedial works in confined spaces such as tanks, culverts, tunnels, sewage tanks and outfalls. We have access to the latest underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to use in pipelines and outfalls too small for a diver to enter.

Here are some of the services we provide:

Underwater Confined Space Services

We perform inspections, surveys, maintenance, repairs, welding and construction projects in a variety of confined spaces, such as:

  • Sewage tanks and wastewater systems 
  • Pipelines and tunnels
  • Ballast tanks
  • Water towers and tanks
  • Intake and outfall structures
  • Reservoirs and water storage tanks
  • Underwater caves and Caverns
  • Submerged vessels

Land-based Confined Space Services

Cleaning & Decontamination

RS Divers offers confined space inspection, maintenance, cleaning and decontamination services at sea and ashore, addressing various industries’ specific needs. Our team employs industry-approved techniques and equipment to maintain safety within confined spaces.

Structural Assessments & Repairs

For structures located on land in confined spaces, our experts conduct thorough assessments and carry out necessary repairs. We prioritise structural safety and longevity, providing tailored solutions to meet individual project requirements.

Our Confined Spaces Work

Our recent work includes:

  • Internal inspection of pipework running from a treatment plant to the outfalls – climbing in and around the pipes in the ducting running under the main road to the pumping station.
  • Inspecting a disused concrete water tower prior to reinstatement.

Choose RS Divers for Confined Spaces Services

With years of experience in both marine and civil engineering domains, our team possesses the expertise needed to navigate and work in confined spaces efficiently. Whether it’s underwater or land-based, we offer end-to-end solutions for confined space challenges, providing a seamless experience to our clients. 

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What is a confined space

A confined space is a relatively small or enclosed area with limited access and egress, not designed for continuous occupancy, and where potential hazards may exist due to its design or contents. 

These spaces can be found in various industrial, construction, and manufacturing settings and may pose significant risks to workers or anyone entering them. Confined spaces can be dangerous due to factors such as restricted ventilation, the presence of hazardous substances, and limited escape options.

Some common examples of confined spaces include:

  • Tanks and vessels
  • Manholes and sewers
  • Boilers and furnaces
  • Tunnels and pipelines
  • Pits and trenches

Here’s Some Evidence Of Our Diving Expertise

Our case studies demonstrate the wide range of our work, the quality of our service, the fantastic results we achieve and the wonderful feedback we receive from our clients past and present.