Diver support for Photography, Film & TV

We regularly provide diving services to photographers and film crews, such as safety boat hire, dive support, and camera/crew platforms.

Helping you to film in and on the water safely

Filming in underwater environments can be challenging, with many technical and safety aspects to consider. The expert team at RS Divers can help you take underwater stills or shoot your programme, film or documentary, both safely and efficiently.

Over the last 20 years, we have assisted a number of production companies and photographers with safety boat hire, dive support, and camera platforms – and our divers have even been extras in shot!

RS Divers are renowned to be easy to work with and are fully conversant with the HSE media diving approved code of practice for underwater filming.

Our TV and film crew diving services

Actor and Crew safety

Our primary objective when assisting your film crew is to protect their safety at all times. We will ensure that everyone involved in your production is aware of emergency procedures, adheres to local environmental regulations and follows all relevant safety regulations related to working in cold-water environments.

Safety boat hire

We can provide safety boats to support your waterborne film shoot. Our boats operate at close range and can safely transport your crew members and equipment between locations.

Our fleet of vessels are suited to a variety of watercourses and situations. We can provide flat top pontoon barges, workboats, MCA Coded RIB’s suitable for offshore projects, to smaller RIB’s and inflatables that can be transported and launched in almost any situation.

Having this type of versatility allows RS Divers to accommodate the client’s requirements so they have the best vessel for the situation, which is both safe and fit for purpose.

Diver support

Our professional divers can help you with a multitude of tasks, such as setting up and disassembling underwater equipment, rescuing dropped or lost objects in the water, assisting with lighting, and positioning cameras and other equipment to capture your desired shot.

We can also provide our service as extras and support actors performing underwater scenes.

Camera platforms

We can build camera platforms to suit the number of crew members and the size and weight of your equipment. We’ll ensure it’s stable and manoeuvrable, with sufficient storage space and an efficient power source to meet your needs.

Looking for a dive location?

We have good working relationships with various clearwater dive sites and swimming pools and can recommend large indoor, deep-water test tanks, which are great filming locations.

Why use RS Divers for actor/film crew diver support

RS Divers has lots of experience working with film crews and photographers, so our team has accumulated a good deal of knowledge of your requirements. This enables us to offer an efficient, professional and, above all, safe diver support service to help you capture your desired shots.

Our diving team is highly-qualified and always equipped with our most important asset – a can-do attitude. Whatever your requirements, we will go out of our way to help you achieve your vision while ensuring your safety on and in the water.

Contact us

For any non-emergency diving requirements, please email or complete our contact form.

For emergency situations, please call 02393 190 409. We will respond to you quickly and provide you with specialist diving advice.

Here’s Some Evidence Of Our Diving Expertise

Our case studies demonstrate the wide range of our work, the quality of our service, the fantastic results we achieve and the wonderful feedback we receive from our clients past and present.