Boat Anodes Inspection & Replacement

boat Anode Inspection & Replacement service

Do Your Anodes Need Replacing?

If you haven’t inspected your boat’s anodes lately, there’s no better time to do it than now. Checking your anodes and replacing them when necessary is something you should be aware of.

Anode Inspection and Replacement

RS Divers is proud to offer boat owners in Hampshire an anode inspection for just £150+ VAT.

If you have a boat under 50ft located in Marinas between Portsmouth and Southampton (excluding Isle of Wight), we will not only inspect your anodes without needing to remove your boat from the water, but we’ll also supply you with a report detailing the percentage remaining.

You don’t even need to be there when we replace them. Simply let us know you’d like them replaced and leave the new anodes in a safe place on deck, and we will replace them on our next visit.

Why Should I Get My Anodes Inspected?

As a boat owner, you probably know all too well the problems that can arise when you fail to carry out regular maintenance on your boat’s components. The anodes are no different. Regular maintenance will prevent you from having to replace expensive components or from having to treat your entire boat for damage due to corrosion.

All boats can corrode over time, however the longer they remain in the water, the more at risk of corrosion they become. If your boat is moored in a marina it is especially vulnerable, since the dock and other boats surrounding it may exacerbate the corrosion problem.

Why Do Sacrificial Anodes Need Replacing?

Your boat’s sacrificial anode will eventually corrode over time and will at some point become inactive. It’s often difficult to determine when it has stopped functioning, but some now feature indicators which will appear when a specific metal layer has been corroded away.

Without the cathodic protection that the anode offers, the other metals on your boat will begin to corrode away and eventually, you will need to treat your entire boat or, at the very least, have to replace damaged and corroded components. Replacing the anode is, obviously, a more affordable alternative.

How Often Should Anodes Be Replaced?

Your anode should be replaced once per year as a minimum however, you should check it regularly and replace it once it has corroded to 50% of its original size. This will ensure it’s working to its maximum efficacy.

Remember that the rate of corrosion will increase depending on the water’s temperature and saltiness as well as the amount of water pollution and bio-organisms your boat is exposed to. Also bear in mind any bolts or barnacles preventing oxygen from getting to the metal. Therefore, your anode may need replacing more frequently than every 12 months.

Why Choose RS Divers?

Here at RS Divers, we have a team of highly experienced commercial diver who specialise in sail and powerboat maintenance and can help you to avoid the additional expense of lifting your boat out of the water while checking and replacing the anode.

Our Portsmouth-based inshore commercial diving and marine engineering company has been operating for more than three decades, and thanks to our impressive reputation for outstanding customer service, you can rely on us for all your anode inspection and replacement needs in the Hampshire area.

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