Staying safe and operational during the Covid Pandemic

Coronavirus Update
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    RS Divers Coronavirus Update

    2020 has been a year like no other. Like all industries, the marine industry has been hugely impacted by the effects of the global pandemic. Cruise ships are no longer operating, our ports have seen a sharp decline in marine traffic and our coastal seas are notably quieter for both leisure and commercial vessels.

    We Are Operating Safely During the Pandemic

    Despite the industry slowdown, RS Divers has remained operational throughout the pandemic. Our expert and solution-focused commercial diving team have adapted our commercial dive offering focused around remaining operational and available to our clients, whilst prioritising minimising risk to clients and our dive team.

    Safety remains one of our key priorities throughout the projects we work on, from emergency call outs to planned marine civil engineering project work.

    Commercial Diving Coronavirus Safety Measures

    To further reassure our clients, here are some of the additional measures and protocols we have adopted to minimise risks and prioritise the safety of our divers and clients when working during the COVID-19 pandemic:

    • Prior to commencing all jobs, divers and topside dive team to attend a comprehensive COVID-19 Tool Box Talk
    • Divers are allocated their own dive kit for the duration of the job
    • All members of the dive team to wear PPE when handling, cleaning or maintaining dive kit
    • Maintaining social distance between our team and our clients at all times
    • PPE to be worn by our client if and when entering our dive trailer
    • All members of the dive team to adhere to regular hand washing throughout the duration of the dive project
    • All dive kit washed down after each dive and sanitised where possible

    Contact RS Divers for all your Commercial Diving Needs

    If you have a commercial diving requirement during the Coronavirus Pandemic, you can have confidence in RS Divers so do not hesitate to contact us for all of your commercial diving needs.

    commercial dive kit sanitised after use
    Commercial dive kit and container sanitised after use.
    facemasks being worn by commercial dive team.
    Facemasks and PPE is worn by our commercial dive team.
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