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Established for more than 10 years, our mission is to be the UK’s best commercial diving company in coastal waters, inland waterways, lakes and reservoirs. Our expert, highly qualified staff divers are proud of their 100% safety record.

Rubben Stephenson : Director

50 Years diving experience

With more that 50 years diving experience within any one dive team our mission is to be the UK’s best commercial dive company in coastal waters inland waterways lakes and reservoirs are expert highly qualified staff are proud of their 100% safety record and can-do attitude.

Highly skilled and ready to deploy

Our experienced diving and surface teams have many years of experience in industries such as civil engineering, ship maintenance, dredging, piling and offshore oil/gas construction and inspection.

The team at RS Divers is highly skilled, motivated and ready to deploy at short notice. We are versatile: we can tackle everything from emergency salvage work or fouled propellers to long-term maintenance contracts.

A reputation for safe, secure operations

We can direct complex operations, managing a variety of other specialist teams and can also work as part of co-ordinated projects.

Our focus on health and safety is second to none and we have gained a reputation for safe, secure operations and excellent customer service.

Need a Dive team?

Our divers work in marine civil engineering, underwater salvage, shipping maintenance and powerboat/yacht maintenance and much more. If you need a commercial diver please call us or complete our website contact form.

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