Swimming Pool Maintenance

Our experienced and efficient dive teams can help keep your pool pristine and protect your investment for longer.

Water pressure, prolonged use and chemicals cause swimming pools to suffer wear and tear over time, including cracking, tile/stone discolouration, erosion and the build-up of debris. If left unmaintained, structural damage and leaks can set in.

Swimming pools are capital-intensive, and maintenance can be inconvenient and time-consuming. RS Divers can help you keep your pool in perfect condition without having to empty it for repairs, maintenance and cleaning. 

As well as the cost savings, carrying out routine checks and repairs while the water is still in the pool helps to protect its structure, safeguarding your investment for longer.

Pool Cleaning

Our underwater pool cleaning service removes dirt, debris, and algae from the pool’s walls and floor to prevent discolouration and erosion. Depending on the condition of the pool, our divers use hand or power tools to leave your tiles sparkling. We also use water vacuum cleaners to remove silt.


Pool grouting naturally deteriorates over time, but it can be repaired without draining the pool by using a specialist waterproof grout sealant. The sealant bonds with the existing grout and helps to fill in any cracks and voids, restoring the structural integrity of the grouting and preventing further damage. 

Leak Detection & Tile Repair

RS Divers are experienced in underwater leak detection and repair in pools. We use safe, biodegradable dye to identify leaks in a simple and effective manner. We then cut out damaged tiles and use underwater adhesives, grouts and epoxy resins to replace anything from the smallest mosaic to the largest ceramics, all without having to drain the pool. 

Our Swimming Pool work

Our recent work includes:

  • Two weeks spent removing and replacing tiles at a public pool on the South Coast, where a boiler failure caused the pool to cool down, causing the tiles and grout to contract and detach from the surface. The boiler was repaired and the heating was reinstated. Once up to temperature, we were able to replace the tiles, regrout the bottom, and carry out additional renovation tasks to return the pool to full public use. 

Contact RS Divers for Swimming Pool Maintenance

For pool repairs and maintenance, you can rely on the team at RS Divers. We will leave your pool safe, hygienic and leak-free for your visitors to enjoy for years to come. 

To get in touch, please email, call or fill out our contact form.


What is underwater grouting?

Underwater grouting is a construction technique used to repair and stabilise structures that are located underwater or in wet soil conditions. The process involves injecting a liquid or dry-mix grout material into the area around the structure, which hardens to form a waterproof barrier and prevent further damage. 

Underwater pool grouting services can be used to fill voids, cracks, or other defects in the pool’s structure and prevent further damage caused by water pressure or wear and tear over time. Additionally, it helps strengthen the pool against future damage to ensure it lasts longer.

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