Emergency Diving Company

Emergency Diving Services

Do you have a dive emergency? RS Divers Ltd. offer a fast emergency response 24/7 call out service. If you need our salvage and recovery skills in a hurry contact us now!

Do you need an emergency dive team?

If the worst happens at sea, or in harbours of marinas you need help quickly. We will send one of our commercial dive experts to the scene straightaway to assess the situation and will start work as soon as we can.

We have good working relationships with many marinas, harbour authorities, surveyors and insurance companies to make salvage and recovery more efficient

Search and recovery

Our expert divers use side scanners and grappling hooks to locate missing vessels and identify the site with buoys for later recovery

Salvage with cranes and underwater rigging

We use lift bags and other buoyancy control devices to bring wrecks to the surface, as well as crane-based salvages.

Surface and underwater cutting

If the vessel is too large to recover by crane or liftbags, RS Divers can using underwater cutting equipment to turn it into smaller pieces that can be taken to the surface.

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Here’s Some Evidence Of Our Diving Expertise

Our case studies demonstrate the wide range of our work, the quality of our service, the fantastic results we achieve and the wonderful feedback we receive from our clients past and present.